Al Jazeera America Magazine

al jazeera america

Carnegie Mellon Magazine

Beyond Sankofa

Critical Transnational Feminist Praxis

So Much to Remind Us We Are Dancing on Other Peoples’ Blood

Essence Magazine

The Search — An Adopted Child Looks for her Mother


Teaching While Black and Blue

Inside Higher Ed

Surviving Blackademia (with KC Williams)


Minneapolis Observer

Outsiders Within: In seeking their own identities, transracial adoptees are creating a vibrant new community

NCTE (National Council for the Teaching of English) Journal

The Risky Business of Engaging Racial Equity in Writing Instruction: A Tragedy in Five Acts (with Taiyon Coleman, Renee DeLong, Kathleen DeVore, and Michael Kuhne).

Outsiders Within 

Outsiders Within:The website about the book


Digital Roundtable Response to the Black/White Binary


Star Tribune

Fear of a Black Mother (excerpt)

Christmas in Liberia, Christmas at Home

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