Infant Loss and Miscarriage anthology announcement


Publishers Marketplace shared on their “new deals of June 19, 2018” listing that Shannon and writer Kao Kalia Yang have secured a deal on an anthology of work on infant loss and miscarriage by women of color through the University of Minnesota Press. See the announcement below:

Shannon Gibney and Kao Kalia Yang’s WHAT GOD IS HONORED HERE?, an anthology of poetry, essays, and short stories on miscarriage and infant loss for and by women of color, to Erik Anderson at University of Minnesota Press, for publication in fall 2019, by Tina Dubois at ICM for Gibney and Bill Clegg at The Clegg Agency for Yang (world).

Dream Country featured as ‘one of most anticipated sophomore YA novels of 2018’

BN Teen

The Barnes and Noble Teen blog recently featured Dream Country in a post titled, “Our Most Anticipated Sophomore YA Novels of 2018: July to December,” by Dahlia Adler.


Adler wrote: “Dream Country, by Shannon Gibney (September 11)
Gibney’s See No Color tackled transracial adoption and the great American pastime, and she has somehow managed to step it up tenfold with her ambitious and beautiful followup, an intergenerational epic about five members of a Liberian family that traces its path across time and the Atlantic. It opens on Kollie, who has been living in the U.S. for almost a decade but is still keenly aware of the divide between the African students and the African American ones at his school, not to mention the white students and staff. It’s the African boys who constantly live under the parental threat of being sent back, and when Kollie gets into a fight at school, that’s exactly what happens. Though it isn’t Kollie we see in Liberia next, but his grandfather, Togar, in Grand Bassa County in 1926. The journey continues back through American slavery, repatriation, and Liberian colonization before coming full circle to the future, clawing your heart through the dirt all along the way. “

Dream Country book launch set!

Mark your calendars!

Details on the launch of Dream Country, Shannon’s new YA novel, have been finalized.


WHAT: Dream Country book launch*

WHEN: Wednesday, September 12, 6:30-8 pm

WHERE: Recital Hall at St. Catherine’s University, Music Buidling, 2004 Randolph Ave. in St. Paul

*This event is FREE and open to the public!

More details forthcoming…But hope to see you there.

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MN Women’s Press Article

mn womens press

The Minnesota Women’s Press just ran an article by Shannon and fellow writer and friend Kao Kalia Yang, on their experiences with infant loss and miscarriage.

Shannon and Kalia

Photo courtesy of The Minnesota Women’s Press

The piece highlights the topic in order to encourage readers to submit pieces to What God Is Honored Here: An Anthology on Infant Loss and Miscarriage, which Shannon and Kalia are editing. The book will center on stories of and by women of color.

Submit work to, by May 1, 2018.