thinking-souls-logoThinking Souls series on

Shannon’s Top Literary Picks of 2008

Shannon’s Top Spoken Word Picks of 2008


Interview with Rose Brewer/Review of The Color of Wealth

Review of Families Like Mine

Review of The Truant Lover

Interview with Juliet Patterson

Interview with Jane Jeong Trenka and Sun Yung Shin

Review of Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl

Interview with Arleta Little and Carolyn Holbrook

Review of The Translation of Dr Apelles

Review of Native American Fiction

Interview with David Treuer

Interview with Mary Matze

Review of Because Why

Interview with Sarah Fox

Review of The Fugitive Wife

Interview with Peter Brown

Review of Real Karaoke People

Interview with Ed Bok Lee

Review of Butting Out

Interview with Ananya Chatterjea

access+ENGAGE Point of View Introductory Interview


Arts Previews and Reviews

Double Vision, Three Times

Making (Oral) History in Minneapolis

More Than One Black Act

Landmark: Between Earth and Sky, Water and Air


Art and Civic Engagement

Pictures of Change? U.S. Social Forum

The Spokes, The Wheel, The Hub: Arts As Part of Neighborhoods

Making Justice: An Interview with Teresa Konechne

Can Artists Be a Part of the Real World? : Civic Engagement and Aesthetic Action

Beyond USA Today: Local Journalism on the Web

The Map is Not the Territory: The Walker Civic Engagement Forum

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