Wrapping up 2018

As we speed towards the epic end of the year, lots of good news keeps on popping.

NYPL Best Books of 2018

Last week, the New York Public Library announced that Dream Country made its list of Best Books of 2018, in the teen category.

nypl logo

Also, last week, librarian Jonathan Hunt authored an interesting post on SLJ’s “Pondering Printz” blog, in which he mentioned Dream Country as a title that should have more Printz buzz.


Hunt writes, “Dream Country by Shannon Gibney, on the other hand, doesn’t have much Printz buzz despite fabulous reviews. It’s the story of one family across five generations and two countries: the United States and Liberia. This book is epic in every sense of the word, from the numerous characters and various settings to a deep exploration of how slavery and racism resonate through the history of two continents.”


The Printz is the highest award offered for YA literature, and is awarded annually by the ALA.

Finally, Penguin Teen highlighted Dream Country in an article on “Books that offer understanding to the refugee experience,” this week.


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