The Nerds of Color Articles on The Handmaid’s Tale and Hidden Figures

Handmaid's Tale

Shannon and colleague Lori Askeland wrote an analysis of Hulu’s new reboot of Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale for The Nerds of Color, in terms of the limits of colorblind casting.

It’s called, “Race, Intersectionality, and the End of the World: The Problem with The Handmaid’s Tale,” and you can read it here.


The article actually made it all the way to Australia, where The Handmaid’s Tale TV program is just now being rolled out, and viewers are obsessively watching it. The national radio program “Books and Art” contacted Shannon to discuss issues of race and erasure on the series. You can listen to their discussion here.

Books and Arts Aussie

The Nerds of Color also published Shannon’s take on the critically-acclaimed, groundbreaking film Hidden Figures, earlier this spring. Click here to read it.

hidden figures2

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