Read an amazing essay for grad school admission on racial autonomy in See No Color


Lisa Marie Brimmer, writer, performance artist and cultural strategist and queer, mxd black transracial adoptee.

Lisa Marie Brimmer has penned a brilliant and insightful analysis of how racial autonomy is explored in See No Color. 

Brimmer writes:

“Transracial adoptees are a marginalized community that have limited access to first-person voice in the media, literature and fields of research concerning us and our experiences. We are typically talked about and spoken for rather than provided platforms to speak for ourselves. The lack of positional authority for a transracial adoptee has intersections based on race, legal disenfranchisement due to status as youth and questionable adoptive family politics. The fracture from our cultural origins poses a deep challenge for many transracial adoptees and it informs psychosocial development and the establishment of racial autonomy within the adoptive, nuclear family as well as the outside world. For the purposes of this essay, I am defining racial autonomy as: the self definition of racial identity by the transracial adoptee.

“As part of an emerging trend in literature, Shannon Gibney’s  See No Color breaks tradition by poising an adoption story in the dynamic character of a 16 year-old biracial, female, baseball star, and transracial adoptee, Alexandra (Alex) Kirtridge. Alex’s struggle to attain racial autonomy as a transracial adoptee in a white adoptive family is exemplified through dialogue and interactions in the microcosm of her adoptive family. This analysis focuses its lens on the physical and emotional responses in conversation with her adoptive family that lead to the emergence of her voice.”

The essay was for admission to a graduate school program in English. We wish Brimmer the best in this endeavor, and hope that the selection committee recognizes her obvious genius.

Read the full essay here:  RacialAutonomyinSeeNoColor_Brimmer3.1-2 (1).

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