Revisiting post-reunion stories

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Yesterday, I had the opportunity to talk with a young adoptee who shared with me that she is going through post-reunion, and that it is very, very stressful. She feels mostly completely alone.

Unfortunately, I think this is how many of us feel in post-reunion. The problem is, our stories are just not out there yet — especially their complexity.

In order to combat this, and provide some alternate narratives, I am posting links to a series I did for Gazillion Voices magazine a few years back on first-person stories from transracial adoptees that reflect the diversity, difficulty, and ever-changing nature of post-reunion relationships. I want to thank all the adoptees again who were gracious and courageous enough to share their very personal stories.

Read my post-reunion story here.

Boisey Collins

My birth father, Boisey Collins, as a teenager.


Me and my birth mother, Patricia Powers, Christmas, 1995

Read the first in the series here.

Read Ji In Lugtu and Danielle Mkali’s moving narratives here.


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