Using Blues Vision: African American Writing from Minnesota in the Classroom workshop open for registration

Blues Vision

Junauda Alma and I, along with Shandi DiCosimo and Minnesota Humanities Center, will be running a workshop on December 4 and 5, on using Blues Vision: African American Writing in Minnesota in the classroom. We would love to see you there.

While the workshop cost is listed at $110, we are able to offer scholarships for 50% and 100% of the event fee. However, the only thing we ask is that if folks use the code, you are still making a firm commitment to attending the workshop and that you please register by Sunday, November 29. To request one of these spots, please register here and use either the promotional code GUEST50 if you are able to pay for half, or COMP4GUEST for 100%.

MN Hum Center.jpg

“Using Blues Vision in the Classroom” prepares participants to have meaningful engagement with students through a deeper understanding of African American experiences and the Black literary tradition in Minnesota. The two-day workshop takes Blues Vision: African American Writing in Minnesota as the starting point for rigorous discussion and activities that cultivate practical strategies for using texts from the book as catalysts for change and conversation in the classroom. Educators will receive supplementary resources, strengthened relationships with colleagues and authors, clock hours, and meals as part of this experience.

Download the flyer 2015-12-04-05 Blues Vision invite.

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