Take a Close Look at Difference


Leila Roy has penned a spot-on review of See No Color, titled “Take a Close Look at Difference.”

There are so many powerful observations throughout, but one of my favorite paragraphs has got to be this:

See No Color is about identity, about race, about family and adoption—transracial adoption more specifically—about communication and about secrets, about ingrained racism and sexism, about how withholding information from someone is making up their mind for them. It’s about the difference between protecting a loved one and protecting yourself, about how avoiding confrontation can make the confrontation far worse down the line. It’s about belonging to two worlds, but not feeling quite right in either. It’s about how saying that you “see no color” can be the same as telling someone that they’re invisible; about how ignoring difference can be the same as pretending a whole piece of someone doesn’t exist.”

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